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Building a Global Startups from day 1.

Oluşturulma tarihi : 28-03-2019
Building a Global Startups from day 1.

I helped +100 startups learn the ways of Silicon Valley & fund raise. I built a successful pre-accelerator in Turkey that graduated the most number of startups accepted by global startup accelerators like 500Startups/SF, Hax/China, StartupBootcamp/Amsterdam, WeXelerate/Munich. I mentored, trained +500 Startups in the Middle East through MITEF Competition build strong companies and get awards

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Ozan Sonmez


Mesaj Gonder

This CV/Bio is in English because I would like to spend time with founders who can converse in English and who can spend time to think about going global. I built Global Accelerators and Pre-Seed Programs last 5 years globally. Invested in 20 GlobalTurks (1m$) and +20 MiddleEastStars (1m$) through programs. Invested as an Angel Investor in San Francisco to startups that raised mm$. I am the Head Trainer for MITEF in Arab Region, Mentor in programs in SIlicon Valley with UC Berkeley & Draper University. Past includes extensive work in Financial Management and Business Development.